Teleplan Globe and Quantum Systems join forces to enhance capabilities of elite units and Special Forces

| 12.10.2022 | Erling Tjeldvoll

Teleplan Globe and Munich-based drone manufacturer Quantum-Systems have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to integrate the FACNAV battlespace management system into the Quantum-Systems Vector & Scorpion 2-in-1 platform. The cooperation is designed to add value in future operations by increasing precision in conducting Close Air Support missions and increasing capacity for information sharing.

Working together at eye level for added customer value

Both companies have developed unique systems that, when combined, become a superior asset for the professional user. For Quantum-Systems it was of enormous importance to work with a partner at eye level who is sharing similar values and attitudes. “With Teleplan, we have found exactly this opportunity: two medium-sized companies and global market leaders in their field are more agile, faster and significantly more cost-effective than the established major players in this fields,” states Quantum-Systems CEO Florian Seibel.

Teleplan Globe’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing Magne Killingstad, Quantum Systems CEO Florian Seibel and Teleplan Globe Product Expert Bjørn-Kenneth Nilssen in Munich.

The task of the new joint venture is to develop, produce and sell new and innovative products as well as services to solve the challenges of close air support missions and related information sharing to all parties.

“As a leading provider of software and solutions for decision makers that protect people, assets and institutions, we see a huge opportunity in this cooperation,” explains Teleplan Globe Vice President of Sales & Marketing Magne Killingstad. “In addition to its expertise in electronics and UAV development, manufacturing and repair, Quantum-Systems offers its global sales network.”

Generating a practicable superior asset

Teleplan Globe developed the FACNAV system to meet the high demands of an elite unit within the Norwegian Special Forces. The daily operations require flawless and advanced information sharing. To enhance these capabilities, Teleplan Globe teamed up with Quantum-Systems Vector UAS to create a platform for increased precision in special operation missions.

The cooperation between Quantum-Systems and Teleplan Globe started in April 2022, when the German Material Procurement Agency, BAAINBw awarded Teleplan Globe the contract to provide the German Armed Forces with the FACNAV system for Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC).

Quantum-Systems then got in touch with Teleplan Globe and within a few days we had a complete integration of our Vector into the FACNAV software.

We were able to complete a so-called “zero-day” integration within one day. The Quantum-Systems and Teleplan Globe teams were able to get the video and meta-data into the FACNAV system in real time right off the bat. This could provide immediate added value, at no additional cost, to the German Army in case the special forces decide to procure our Vector reconnaissance drones as part of their Falke procurement programme.

Florian Seibel
CEO, Quantum-Systems GmbH

The ease-of-use of both our products enable the end-users to swiftly set up and operate in the situations they train for and are actively involved in. Innovative technology combined with the ambition of two forward-leaning agile companies sets the stage for new capabilities for the warfighters. Through live testing with Quantum Systems, we have seen the unprecedented effect of their sensors combined with Teleplan Globes software and we are eager to see where this can progress further in Germany and abroad.

Magne Killingstad
Vice President Marketing & Sales, Teleplan Globe

FACNAV – developed to offer game changing and battle-winning capabilities

Vector Drone feed in FACNAV

Teleplan Globe developed FACNAV to meet Norwegian Special Forces’ need to conduct Close Air Support and navigation with a need for extreme precision in combat operations. Focus has been to manage procedures that require both flawless and advanced information sharing.

Since its early days of operations, FACNAV has evolved to support commanders, staffs, units, crews, and operators in planning and executing operations on all levels up to Battalion and HQ.

FACNAV supports a wide range of target locators and designators including the most commonly used by NATO and Western Joint Terminal Attack Controllers and Joint Forward Observers (JTACs/JFOs). FACNAV automatically populates the digital map for further military actions. Furthermore, FACNAV assists, directly or indirectly, the process of delivering effects on targets.

Utilizing a recent contract with the German Armed Forces, Teleplan can reproduce and adapt the FACNAV JTAC system and deliver JTAC systems as complete capabilities ready to be used by NATO nations in the fastest way possible

Quantum-Systems Vector UAS – The 2in1 Vertical Take-off Reconnaissance UAV

Quantum-System Vector UAS with Raptor Camera Sensor

The Vector Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) provides capabilities to both military and security forces that exceed the performance of current tactical UAS platforms in service all over the world. It is a military grade UAS built to last and bring capabilities to the battlefield not available today.

The ability to operate in the most difficult terrain and in urban environments combined with extremely low noise emission makes Vector the perfect UAS for a wide range of military and security applications. Since recently, Vector UAS from Quantum-Systems are also deployed in Ukraine.

A variety of gimbaled sensors can be equipped for maximum usability, including thermal imaging cameras, day cameras, infrared cameras, and more. Command & Control range is 15-25 km, while flight time is up to 120 minutes—all combined in a compact and robust electric VTOL UAS.

Learn more about the Vector UAS

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