Battlefield Management System

Situational awareness with sensor and effector HUB capability

Teleplan Globe FACNAV BMS Platform

Teleplan Globe develops a Battlefield Management System (BMS) platform that meets the requirements of modern military organizations globally. It is either implemented as a full BMS solution, as delivered in Norway, or integrated with third party BMS solutions.

We focus on being agile and flexible in terms of adapting to the needs of our customers. It is also a priority to ensure interoperability with the environment we meet. We believe our platform represent a paradigm shift in the way that Joint Fires and BMS can be delivered to ensure Land Precision Strike and agile targeting. Our platform is built to connect sensor and weapon systems in the military network to enable sharing of situational awareness to every echelon.

Situational Awareness picture in preparation for Digitally Aided Close Air Support process


The challenge for military commanders is to meet the demands of the 21st century battlefield. Key is to leverage technology to ensure all available information is delivered to the warfighter in the right form and at the right time. The objective is to become as effective as possible in solving the challenge at hand.

FACNAV is developed to meet these modern requirements and offer game changing and battle-winning capabilities.

Teleplan Globe developed FACNAV to meet Norwegian Special Forces’ need to conduct Close Air Support and navigation with a need for extreme precision in combat operations. Focus has been to manage procedures that require both flawless and advanced information sharing.

Since its early days of operations, FACNAV has evolved to support commanders, staffs, units, crews, and operators in planning and executing operations on all levels up to Battalion and HQ.

General Eirik Kristoffersen


FACNAV supports the full range of conventional and special operations through mission planning, execution, weapons and effects delivery. By digital sharing of information and data, FACNAV provides the users with situational awareness (SA). This allow commanders to integrate capabilities to create synergy, and subordinates to seize and sustain the initiative to accomplish the mission by being first on target.

In addition to the Situational Awareness-core, key features include:

  • Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS)
  • Digitally Aided Fire Support (DAFS) for artillery and mortars
  • Information management for Command and Control (C2)
  • Advanced geographical tools for military planning and execution
  • Target acquisition
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications
  • Soon collaborative planning and decision-making, and After Action Review functionality will also be available

An illustration of FACNAV capabilities and focus areas

A more extensive capability overview

Command and Control:

  • Situational awareness
  • Mission planning and execution
  • Messaging
  • Chat
  • Battle log

Maneuver & Mobility:

  • Navigation
  • Route and maneuver planning
  • Maneuver coordination
  • Direct fire coordination

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance:

  • Sensor integration
  • Sensor data exchange and display
  • Requesting and tracking

Joint Fires:

  • Close air support (DACAS)
  • Artillery and mortar support (DAFS)
  • Target mensuration
  • Inderect fire coordination
  • Support to the joint fire process
  • Naval Gunfire Support

Our strategic approach to developing BMS solutions

Contemporary and future operations entail fighting conventional peer- as well as hybrid adversaries while coping with complex terrain, emerging- and widespread availability of low-cost technologies, in non-permissive environments across the domains. The modern military must operate legacy equipment and platforms and in parallel invest in- and field new technology to gain advantages.  

Operators meeting the challenges of today, experience an information sharing problem: both sharing information between humans and as well as sharing data between systems in the military network.

Teleplan Globe provides digital solutions for sharing information to meet these challenges and help to address the challenge. Our software supports military units in planning, leading, and executing military operations including directing weapons and effects on targets now and into the future. 

We develop our software in close collaboration with our user-community and partners. We strive at challenging the current processes and rethink how we can optimally deliver value and operational effects to the warfighter. A critical success factor is to understand the operational environment, the wide ecosystem of partners and the ability to be interoperable and demonstrate necessary connectivity.

The collaboration between customers, partners and Teleplan ensures that our solutions are not only best-practice, but “next-practice”.

An illustration of how we deliver solutions across all levels in the Norwegian Defense

Teleplan Globe offers a comprehensive Battlefield Management System (BMS) through the modular FACNAV Product Suite. FACNAV is a battle proven system fielded by special operations forces and conventional army units that continues to succeed in combat. To stay ahead, Teleplan Globe continually evolves FACNAV in close cooperation with our customers’ high demands. FACNAV is in use in Norway to cover the full stack from Tactical HQ to the dismounted soldier as a full BMS. We acknowledge the need to be interoperable with other BMS when working e.g. as a coalition and then our solution will be integrated with a third party BMS or an existing national BMS.

We believe openness and interconnectivity is key to ensure that we have a digital workflow from sensor to shooter. Our platform has demonstrated that this works during complex operation situations and in combat.

FACNAV Dismounted

Teleplan Globe designed FACNAV dismounted to meet the operators’ need for a lightweight digital solution that does not limit DACAS functionality. FACNAV Dismounted runs on any Android device, and we have optimized the user interface for smartphones and tablets. When we developed FACNAV Dismounted we oriented towards streamlining the DACAS toolkit without compromising the operators’ need for SA and BMS functions such as blue force tracking, fire control measures, and messaging.

Despite running on a smartphone or tablet, FACNAV Dismounted is a fully fledged DACAS solution with functionality usually seen in Windows based applications. Out of the box FACNAV Dismounted is integrated with several different communication channels and radios, and is fully interoperable with FACNAV. The solution can be configured in both server-based and ad-hoc configurations and supports both on premise- or cloud based servers tailored to the customers’ needs.

Available material for download (registration required):

FACNAV BMS Product Sheet

Our BMS solution FACNAV is a flexible platform that have demonstrated interoperability across ecosystems and echelons. Provides situational awareness as well as a modern sensor and effector HUB.
pdf, 29.11.2021, 2.59 MB

FACNAV Fires Product Sheet

Our Fires solution for DACAS and DAFS is combat proven and represents a modern digital solution as well as a sensor and effector HUB.
pdf, 23.11.2021, 1.12 MB

ISR ICMT Product Sheet

Our ICMT solution has demonstrated its capabilities across NATO HQ and follows the ADP19 doctrines and standard.
pdf, 29.11.2021, 1.07 MB

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Magne Killingstad, Vice President Marketing & Sales

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