Close Air Support /DACAS

Combat Proven Precision targeting and digital workflow from sensor to shooter

The FACNAV DACAS (Digitally Aided Close Air Support) module is a part of the full FACNAV platform and offers full support for modern Close Air Support (CAS). FACNAV DACAS aims to enable precision strikes and agile targeting.

We focus on being interoperable, and have proven this through major exercises and in combat over many years.


Current and emerging military concepts highlight the criticality of air delivered ordnance. CAS is a preferred method for striking the adversary in ongoing operations. CAS continues to be a key aspect of future concepts. CAS is especially critical in early stages of operations, or when and where long-range precision fires are limited or unavailable.

A challenge for operators and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC), is to transfer the information to the aircraft digitally without the need to use voice commands. Teleplan Globe solves that problem with by enabling DACAS. Our solution offers not only incremental change to the CAS process chain, but a transformational and fully digitally aided CAS module which reduces, and potentially removes the need for voice transmissions over radio. This increases the speed of information flow to the aircraft and reduces the risk for misunderstandings and human error.

Our solution enables a fully digital workflow and offers situational awareness across all involved parties on land, at sea and in air:

Illustration of the situation our solution operates from the JTAC having a situational awareness and digital contact across.

Today our DACAS solution is combat ready for contemporary and future CAS missions. To illustrate an example on how we integrate a CAS brief in a digital workflow that can be sent directly to the aircraft, the following screenshot is presented:

An example on how we integrate a CAS brief in a digital workflow that can be sent directly to the shooter

Our Solution and Strategic Approach in Developing DACAS Functionality
FACNAV DACAS enables JTACs to conduct the CAS procedures digitally. The key to a successful CAS mission is to transfer information and data to the aircraft in a safe and timely manner. Doing this digitally reduces the risk for miscommunication and the time it takes for the JTAC and pilot to coordinate the terminal attack.

FACNAV DACAS has the necessary capabilities to increase the probability for a successful attack. FACNAV DACAS supports all types of control.

FACNAV DACAS is tailored to support United States and NATO’s CAS procedures and includes tools to plan and execute multiple attacks with several aircraft in single engagements. This facilitates tight air-ground integration which in turn increases the unit’s relative combat power and probabilities for success.

The FACNAV DACAS capabilities are available through the various modular implementations. E.g. with the FACNAV BMS module and on FACNAV Dismounted for Android devices. All modules and platforms will enable full flexibility and flawless digital communications to the aircraft.

Please download further information (Registration required):

FACNAV Fires Product Sheet

Our Fires solution for DACAS and DAFS is combat proven and represents a modern digital solution as well as a sensor and effector HUB.
pdf, 23.11.2021, 1.12 MB

FACNAV BMS Product Sheet

Our BMS solution FACNAV is a flexible platform that have demonstrated interoperability across ecosystems and echelons. Provides situational awareness as well as a modern sensor and effector HUB.
pdf, 29.11.2021, 2.59 MB

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