Delivering Digital Joint Fires

Enabling digital interoperability across all elements in a joint fires workflow

Introduction to the Teleplan Globe Platform for enabling Digital Joint Fires

Teleplan Globe develops our solutions to meet the requirements of defense organizations globally and the challenges in modern warfare.

Our aim is to deliver digital Joint Fires interoperability either within our full Battlefield Management Solution (BMS), as delivered in Norway, or integrated with third party BMS solutions. We focus on being agile and flexible in terms of adapting to needs of our customers as well as ensuring interoperability with the environment we meet.

We believe our approach represent a paradigm shift in the way that Joint Fires and BMS can be delivered to ensure Land Precision Strike and agile targeting. Our solution is built to take on the role as a sensor and weapon system integrator with the ability to share information and data across the echelon.

Interacting with sensors and other solutions in the military network, is vital and a huge benefit to reduce the burden of the warfighter. FACNAV has demonstrated such interoperability. We have a strategic focus in our innovation to further reduce the cognitive burden of the warfighter through integrating the sensors at hand.

Example of seeing video and operating remote a vechicle mounted Jim Compact Target locater within FACNAV.


Emerging military concepts highlight the criticality and increased relevance of joint fire support.  What Artificial Intelligence and autonomy have in common is the ability to produce- and the need to share information and data: both are critical to modern fire support. The problem is to move the information to those who need it the most when they need it. I.e., complete the sensor to shooter chain digitally by enabling platforms and systems to talk to each other while keeping the decision maker in the loop.

Teleplan Globe offers FACNAV as a solution that fits within current and future concepts.

FACNAV enables Forward Observers and Joint Forward Observers (FO/JFO) to conduct digitally aided fire support (DAFS) with any sensor and any shooter. The key is to move information and data in on time, decide, and execute. FACNAV also allow third party observers and key decision makers to request and, or control indirect fires digitally. By enabling information and data sharing, FACNAV fires reduces the time from target detection to target destruction. FACNAV enables effective risk management in danger close and potential collateral damage scenarios, and it allows units to maneuver safely on the edge of the surface danger zone.

FACNAV supports US and NATO fire support standard procedures.

Teleplan Globe strategic approach

Fire support is one of Teleplan Globe’s specialties. We achieved this specialty by making sharing of information and data between systems possible through FACNAV. FACNAV originated from an operational need to conduct precise fire control, and we have stayed on track ever since. Digitally aided fire support tools require advanced geographical tools to produce highly reliable grid references to meet the requirement for a Target Location Error Category 1 coordinate (TLE CAT 1). Teleplan Globe masters the art of combination to produce state of the art geographical data. We partner with renowned companies to make this happen and tailor FACNAV to our customers’ needs. We have even done so to support deployed units in combat. Close cooperation with partners and customers is a critical part of our strategy; this allows FACNAV to pass customers’ certification regimes.

Please download further information and engage with our team (Registration required):

FACNAV Fires Product Sheet

Our Fires solution for DACAS and DAFS is combat proven and represents a modern digital solution as well as a sensor and effector HUB.
pdf, 23.11.2021, 1.12 MB

FACNAV BMS Product Sheet

Our BMS solution FACNAV is a flexible platform that have demonstrated interoperability across ecosystems and echelons. Provides situational awareness as well as a modern sensor and effector HUB.
pdf, 29.11.2021, 2.59 MB

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Magne Killingstad, Vice President Marketing & Sales

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