Teleplan Globe develops our platform of solutions to conduct a fully digital workflows to develop battle-winning capabilities. We focus on delivering software solutions that offer Command and Control as well as joint fires support to all levels in the echelons from Strategic HQ, through all levels and out to the dismounted soldier.

Our modules and platform is either the basis of a comprehensive Battle Field Management (BMS) solution, as delivered in Norway, or the basis of a Combat Management Solution (CMS) integrated with existing BMS solutions. We focus on being agile and flexible in terms of adapting to needs of our customers as well as ensuring interoperability with the system environment we meet.

We believe that we are a global leader in the field of Close Air Support. Our solutions represent a paradigm shift in how joint fires and BMS capabilities can be delivered. We see increasing support from new customers adopting our system and our way of delivering operative effectiveness.

Why customers trust us

Our capabilities are available today and are proven and documented through combat as well as in NATO exercises with challenging joint operations.

We like to say that we are delivering solutions that enables capabilities for the warfighter to interact with: any platform, any sensor, any shoother through any link.

Our solution operates as a sensor and effector HUB and offers game-changing capabilities to our customers.

We focus on having end-to-end control of the platform we deliver. This ensures that we can deliver guaranteed True Live Support (TLS) by supporting and controlling all elements in the value-chain.

Our customers report from live tests and excercises that few other alternative solutions are able to connect to as many fighter jets, weapon platforms or strategic systems, like we do.

Teleplan Globe an produce test-results from exercises demonstrating and documenting our ability to deliver on our promise to enable digital workflow from sensor to shooter. Our solutions also have extensive combat experience, and have proven to work when it matters the most.

Examples of customers that have deployed our solutions and are strategically betting on our technology:

Teleplan Globe and DaCAS from a historic perspective

Developing software for Close Air Support (CAS), is one of Teleplan Globe’s core competencies.

We developed FACNAV with the Norwegian Special Operations Forces (NORSOF) in 2006-2007. Barely six months after development on FACNAV commenced – NORSOF used it in combat. The Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (NDRE) recognizes FACNAV as “state of the art [software] for [CAS] operations.”[1] Critical to the successful development and employment of FACNAV in combat was the use of an agile, user-oriented, cross-functional project and development team consisting of military- and personnel from Teleplan Globe.

This focused, collaborative, and user-oriented approach still sits at the core of our strategy. We are proud that both NORSOF and the NDRE recognize our ability to tailor our products “exactly as [the operators] want it.

“I gave the Teleplan Globe developer a sketch of a classified module on a yellow sticky note and said: this is how it must be. Teleplan Globe developed a prototype, and it was f… awesome!”

NORSOF’s project coordinator
Norwegian soldiers operating in Afghanistan in early 2006

[1] Tone Danielsen and Sigmund Valaker, Technological Innovation With Speed and Direction in the Special Operation Forces- an Anthropological Study, FFI-rapport 2012/00816, Kjeller, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, 2012, 9.

Please download our Product Sheets if you further information or contact our team (Registration required)

FACNAV Fires Product Sheet

Our Fires solution for DACAS and DAFS is combat proven and represents a modern digital solution as well as a sensor and effector HUB.
pdf, 23.11.2021, 1.12 MB

FACNAV BMS Product Sheet

Our BMS solution FACNAV is a flexible platform that have demonstrated interoperability across ecosystems and echelons. Provides situational awareness as well as a modern sensor and effector HUB.
pdf, 29.11.2021, 2.59 MB

ISR ICMT Product Sheet

Our ICMT solution has demonstrated its capabilities across NATO HQ and follows the ADP19 doctrines and standard.
pdf, 29.11.2021, 1.07 MB

NORA – Tracking Solutions Brochure

The NORA Tracking Solution is designed to help you monitor the movement and status of objects of interest in a safe and secure way
pdf, 29.11.2021, 457.9 KB

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Magne Killingstad, Vice President Marketing & Sales

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