Integrate with any type of sensors, bodycams, and drones out of the box, with unlimited possibilities for future interoperability


A common problem for all types of companies, both the public safety sector and large enterprises, is the use of several different software solutions for different tasks – and these systems not communicating with each other, making your job unnecessary cumbersome. System integration is a complex process, and integrations can therefore often be difficult and expensive.

We know that interoperability is important, and therefore the NORA platform is designed to be easy to integrate with through modern technologies. This makes NORA the perfect tool to gather a lot of information in one and the same view, taking in any sort of devices but also to work with the systems of your already existing infrastructure as well as other third-party systems.


Over the past 10 years, we have done numerous integrations for our customers and are experts in this field. We want to ensure that our customers and end-users must handle as few systems as possible for gaining situational awareness when performing time-critical missions.

Different clients often already have access or are using different map sources. Some clients may also have their own dedicated and sometimes secret maps. Then we have map overlays, data visualized on top of the map which can be beneficial – traffic information, borderlines, important buildings in cities to mention some. As a client, you give us the required list of maps and map overlays, and we integrate them into the NORA map library. All users can gain access to these maps and within a second change and build opp a real-time view with the different sources.

NORA can easily collaborate with other systems. Do you already have a dispatch or command and control system in place for the command center or GSOC – NORA can be implemented as the field system as well as that all relevant components in NORA can be integrated with your existing system.

Further, NORA can be integrated with any tracking device and sensors. Also, work together with radio communication and has been successfully used together with satellite phones. Is Push-To-Talk a requirement, we collaborate with partners and can deliver on all requirements.

Drones, bodycams and CCTVs

The use of drones and bodycams is increasing. We can integrate these, and you’ll get real-time geo positions on all active devices on the map. By clicking on the ones of interest to you, you’ll get live streams on your device and the view of which area the camera is covering on the map.

Integrate CCTVs, and in the map easily be able to click on and view the real-time video. With NORA, all this information is not only available for the people in the control room or GSOC but can be accessed by any user using the NORA app on handsets or tablets in the field.

Gunshot Detection

In cooperation with Triangula, we can offer Gundshot Detection as a special module in NORA.

Triangula detects and positions gunshots from small firearms by using mobile phones as sensors. The system can be deployed in minutes by installing the Triangula Scout app on three or more mobile phones.

Choose NORA as your operational collaboration tool to ensure shared situational awareness with the required data sources necessary available for all users. We put extensive effort into making sure your NORA platform matches your needs and high-quality standards.

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NORA – Tracking Solutions Brochure

The NORA Tracking Solution is designed to help you monitor the movement and status of objects of interest in a safe and secure way
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