Secure Communications

Message your team or individuals safely, with full control of the underlying data, enabling you to send critical information with confidence


During any sort of mission or operation, you want to be able to know the location of all your resources, give joint commands and direct your people to correct addresses. This requires a lot of communication and information sharing, very often done through channels that your company is not the one in control of.

NORA helps you make sure that this information sharing, and communication is secure. Our customers has total control of the platform and the users so no information will leave the customer unlike any other commercial chat platforms.

NORA will quickly become your most important platform of communication in addition to your existing network. The solution enables operators to not only communicate but also coordinate their tactical actions – both dynamically and in real-time as the assignments progress or change their scope.

Real-time secure communication for everything from messages including attachments to map overlays and resource tracking expands the information-sharing ability between the operational centre and field resources.

Messaging and Media Sharing

Secure and encrypted (end-to-end?) messenger for members only. Send confidential messages in real-time. Share with individuals, groups, or operations. Name groups and operations, customize notifications, and more.​

Communicating with NORA has the practicality that users expect, along with opportunities for top of the line security.

For members only. Send confidential messages, photos and other attachments like documents in real-time. Share with resources, groups, or operations. Name groups and operations, customize notifications and more. The solution can also be set-up to send messages and alerts via e-mail and/or SMS.

Real-time secure communication for messages with attachments (files, images, videos), map overlays, and resource tracking expand the information-sharing ability between the operational center and field resources.

NORA – Intelligence department and VIP security Brochure

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