Situational Awareness

Empower your team by gaining a shared understanding of any situation as it is unfolding. Be aware of where your other team members are, know what the other team members know, and see what they see

Situational Awareness

There are a lot of challenges when coordinating a geographically spread-out team under changing conditions. The situation on the ground can change in an instant, plans can be interrupted, and new information can come to light. How do we keep composure and focus in an unstable environment like this?

The solution is NORA – a general-purpose situational awareness platform. Using NORA, organisations can have a shared understanding of the situation as it is unfolding. Be aware of where your team members are, know what the other team members know, and see what they see.

NORA’s greatest advantage is its flexibility. It can be used for teams of any size, for any task. It is built on modern web and mobile standards, making NORA deployable on whatever devices your teams already have. NORA was built for special police units but is a general-purpose system for any situational awareness use case. The ease of integration with other systems, sensors, and data-points makes NORA highly customisable and usable for a wide range of users.

Dynamic Mapping and Drawing Tool

NORA can run on any preferred mapping, and maps can be utilized both online and offline. You have the possibility to switch between different maps and also use map overlays of interest.

Use map overlays of interest for the individual organization, and intelligence features like drawings and placing markers for real-time visualization to all parties involved.

Operational and Tactical Management

Our dynamic sharing model enables resources to be organized in operations for collaboration within seconds. In the event of an emergency, both the operational center and field resources can quickly mark locations of incidents and areas of interest with markers in the shared map.

This results in increased situational awareness and the ability to control and monitor multiple operations simultaneously. The platform is made to handle constantly changing operational scenarios, and different units and organizations can collaborate when assigned the same operation.

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NORA – Law Enforcement – Special Police Forces Brochure

NORA is a mobile platform designed to increase situational awareness through real-time information sharing
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