Tactical Management

Plan, execute and review your operations – enable your resources to understand and learn


Counter-Terrorism Police are planning for attacks in any public building or sports arenas. Using NORA for planning the best positions for your resources, what street to be stopped and more, you will be able to open this and share the information with all police officers to be alarmed when the attack has happened. Make a resource and action plan for every possible attack, from smaller ones to terror attacks on government buildings, and use these scenarios during exercises. With the plans set up in the NORA system, you have all your tactical and strategic information in one place and can in an instant share any pre-made action plan with all your relevant field resources.


Before any operation, it is helpful to do a briefing with your people in advance of spreading out in the field – to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Using the NORA’s web version, you can efficiently go through the plan with all resources involved and share responsibilities by using different drawing layers in the map for different groups.

The operation centre is easily included for a better understanding of the situation for everyone involved. You can now demonstrate different possible scenarios and have a plan for each of them with all information in just one application. This gives the operation centre smarter management of the groups in the field.


During the actual execution of pre-planned scenarios, things have a habit of not happening according to that plan. Change of plans happens more often than we would like them to, but that is no problem when using NORA. Both the operation centre and the field resources can easily make changes. Any change in a pre-planned scenario will immediately be available on all devices using NORA, and any involved resource will experience real-time updates.

Debriefing and Review

After an operation, it is important to do a debrief and review how the situation was handled – what was good, what went wrong and what could have gone better. Using data and logs from NORA you can look back on all movements, communication and information being shared during the operation. What did happen and when did the different resources move into positions? NORA’s web version lets you follow and review all activities to be able to learn from previous mistakes and strive to always be better than last time.


With the ability to retrieve logs, messages and reports, NORA automatically helps you generate evidence. NORA can generate reports from both operations and missions, or for specific dedicated resources. You can also easily extract track reports for past tracking of one or several assets. You will get pure data from the system presented in documents that can be used as legal documents in trials.

Watch and learn more about NORA

NORA – Law Enforcement – Special Police Forces Brochure

NORA is a mobile platform designed to increase situational awareness through real-time information sharing
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