Real-time GPS tracking of different types of assets on the shared map for a full and accurate understanding of operations at all times


Use phones or tablets for tracking or integrate external tracking devices into NORA. Get real-time GPS tracking in the shared map of different types of personnel, vehicles, and other types of resources as drones, bodycams, and other sensors. Current positions and last movements are displayed in real-time for full situational awareness.​

Different types of tracking devices can be used for different purposes. For surveillance operations, covert trackers can be used to not attract attention. For large enterprises, commercial and wearable tracking devices can be beneficial to get the personnel to use it at all times, possibly with a panic button. Whatever are your needs in regards to tracking, and how rich or limited you want the functionality, the NORA platform can be dynamically set up to fulfill your needs.

Red and Blue force Tracking

By colors and symbols, NORA can be for monitoring red-force and blue-force tracking. This can be displayed simultaneously or by clicking on dedicated trackers. 

Blue force tracking is a simple concept: how do you maintain situational awareness in a complex, chaotic operational scene?

The term was originally coined for military command and control, building a common operational picture to keep tabs on soldiers in the field and distinguish between friendly forces and the enemy.  It has since been adopted by first responders – we now talk about blue force tracking for law enforcement, firefighters, etc. 

Blue force tracking systems use the location services on phones, tablets, and other devices to provide instantaneous intelligence on how an operation is unfolding in real-time.  By seeing where their people are in relation to each other and the unfolding operational goal, incident commanders can both increase safety and improve operational effectiveness. 

When firefighters enter a burning building or ambulance technicians respond to a 911 call, incident commanders use blue force tracking to keep their personnel safe.  When you’re fighting a fire or searching for victims in the middle of a crowd, it’s surprisingly easy to get disoriented.  Blue force tracking gives commanders the perspective needed to keep firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and police officers away from potentially dangerous situations and guide them through hazards.

Situational awareness is also critical for operational effectiveness.  With blue force tracking solutions, incident commanders can direct resources where they’re needed, even as realities change on the ground.  Whether it’s an active shooter moving through a building or a fire burning through several floors of a structure, knowing where your officers are means being able to direct them to the right place at the right time.

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NORA – Tracking Solutions Brochure

The NORA Tracking Solution is designed to help you monitor the movement and status of objects of interest in a safe and secure way
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