A planning system designed to optimize wireless networks

ASTRIX – Radio Planning System

ASTRIX is a multi-technology radio planning system designed to plan and optimize wireless networks. It is developed in close cooperation with major European cellular network operators to ensure performance, scalability, reliability and openness. ASTRIX scales from a standalone solution to a company-wide multiuser system with a centralized database and integrations to other systems.


  • ASTRIX Core Radio Planner
    The core ASTRIX solution for radio network planning. The main user interface is the geographical map of the planning area with the network elements presented. Calculations of coverage as well as combined coverage are included in the basic functionality. Technology dependent properties and features for 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE) and NB-IoT are also included.
  • ASTRIX Professional Radio Planner
    The Professional version includes database support and the possibility to use ASTRIX Publisher and 3rd party integrations. The database functionality includes extensive support for object versions for multi-user collaboration.
  • ASTRIX 5G Planner (NR)
    The NR module allows for planning of 5G networks integrated in ASTRIX. Network elements supporting the 5G NR definition and calculations for 5G networks are added.
  • ASTRIX Frequency Planner (AFP)
    The Automatic Frequency Planning module contains functionality for advanced automated GSM frequency planning. The tool is based on the Telenor R&D developed optimisation algorithm for Automatic Frequency Assignments.
  • ASTRIX Radio Link Tool (RLT)
    This module is used for planning microwave link hops and hop chains. The module is integrated in ASTRIX Radio Planning Tool, and the functionality is tailored to radio link planning requirements and link budgets.
  • ASTRIX Coverage Publisher
    The ASTRIX Coverage Publisher can publish coverage maps in open standard formats like GeoTIFF or PNG to other systems.
    Automatic Coverage Calculation (ACC) can be a part of the ASTRIX Coverage Publisher jobs. Automatic calculation and distribution of updated coverage files are significant tools to improve efficiency and data quality for planning of increasingly complex networks.
  • Customer Specific Modules. Customer specific functionality for integration to other systems or tailored to specific workflow requirements can be added.

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